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Bengal Youth Apparently Using Flavoured Condoms, Not As Contraceptives But To Get ‘High’!

Written By: Aashish Vashistha

In Picture: Youth of Durgapur in West Bengal are using flavoured condoms to get high for 10-12 hours! Pic Credit: PTI

July 27, 2022 (New Delhi): In an unusual incident, students in West Bengal’s Durgapur have found a new way to get high. They are getting addicted to condoms, but not to use them as contraceptives but to use them for intoxication. The Durgapur kids soak the flavoured condoms in hot water and drink the liquid. This gets them high for 10 to 12 hours. The incident of students getting high using flavoured condoms came to light when a shopkeeper figured that flavoured condoms were getting high in demand in areas such as Durgapur City Center, Bidhannagar, Benachiti, and Muchipara, C Zone, A Zone.

Pic Credit: Getty Images.

To the utter surprise, when the shopkeeper asked one of his customers out of curiosity that why the flavoured condoms were increasingly in demand. The youth said he was buying flavoured condoms to get high. As per the shopkeeper, the demand for flavoured condoms rapidly increased after he noticed that the packets of condoms were disappearing from a store. Talking to a verified media company , the shopkeeper stated, “Earlier three to four packets of condoms were sold per shop per day. And now a pack of condoms is disappearing from a store.”

In Picture: Only less than one in 10 men use condoms in India as per a survey conducted in 2021.

Explaining the chemistry behind it, a chemistry teacher said, “The long-term soaking of condoms in hot water causes intoxication due to the breakdown of large organic molecules into alcoholic compounds.” Also experts says, “Condoms contain aromatic compounds. It breaks down to form alcohol. It is addictive.” As per the National Family Health Survey-5 (2019-2021), Only less than one in 10 men use condoms in India, while nearly four in 10 women undergo sterilisation to avoid pregnancy, which also shows that female sterilisation continues to be on the rise including in urban India.

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