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Benefits that Shivsena can draw from the Kangana controversy.

Kangana criticized Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut and described Mumbai as ‘POK’ (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir). This statement of Kangana worked like ghee in the fire in this dispute which has been going on for the last one week. Kangana and Shiv Sena are constantly criticizing each other.

Congress and NCP are allies of Shiv Sena in the state government. In such a situation, he has supported the Shiv Sena in this dispute. But, Maharashtra BJP supported Kangana on the first day, but after Kangana’s poke statement, Maharashtra BJP is back on foot.

One thing in this controversy is why everyone is wondering why Shiv Sena is giving so much attention to Kangana’s statements for the last one week? Seeing the answer to this question, we saw four possible (direct or indirect) benefits to the Shiv Sena from Kangana’s statements. Let’s understand these three points.

Negative image of Maharashtra BJP:

Kangana shared news of ‘New Indian Express’ on Twitter on September 3 and criticized Sanjay Raut. He also compared Mumbai to PoK. At that time, BJP leaders like Mumbai’s MLA Ram Kadam, former spokesperson Avadhoot Wagh came out in support of Kangana on social media.
But, the Aamchi Mumbai hashtag went viral on Twitter. Many prominent personalities of politics and entertainment world condemned Kangana’s statement and praised Mumbai. BJP leader Ram Kadam compared Kangana to Rani of Jhansi and in such a situation, people started turning against BJP.

BJP leader and former education minister Ashish Shelar immediately called a press conference and clarified that the BJP does not agree with Kangana’s comment. However, BJP leaders from outside Maharashtra, including BJP MP Parvesh Sahib Singh Verma from West Delhi, are still in support of Kangana.
Analysts say that because of this, a negative image of Maharashtra BJP is being created in the state. If the image of BJP is bad in Mumbai then it will benefit Shiv Sena.

Senior journalist Deepak Bhatusay says, “On the first day Kangana compared Mumbai to PoK and then Ram Kadam supported her. BJP had understood that the Twitter trend was going against the party, so Ashish Shelar immediately press The conference was called and clarified the situation. But now the Shiv Sena wants to cash in on this issue. “

Senior journalist Hemant Desai also agrees with the opinion, “The Corona crisis is deepening in the state. Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray may be a victim of criticism. But, Kangana’s controversy in this situation helps Shiv Sena to distract from the issue.” are getting.”

Is Shiv Sena getting stronger?

Kangana started criticizing Mumbai while doing evil to Shiv Sena and Sanjay Raut. Once he mentioned PoK and after that he called it Pakistan. This raised the issue of Mumbai’s identity and it has always benefited the Shiv Sena.

The foundation of Shiv Sena rests on the politics of identity. Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh has also said that if someone is cursing Mumbai then he has no right to stay in Mumbai. Raut has supported Deshmukh’s statement.

For many years, the equation of Mumbai or Shiv Sena has been in the minds of the people. With this impression, Shiv Sena may get benefit in the upcoming Mumbai municipal elections. The Shiv Sena remains aggressive on the Kangana issue, and this is strengthening the Shiv Sena’s equation in Mumbai.

Raut had told the BBC in his interview, “Mumbai feeds them. Mumbai gives them everything. If Mumbai had not been there, we would not have even had the Mumbai Police. If there was no industry in Mumbai then why would people come to Mumbai? These people should thank Mumbai. “

Succeeded to divert attention from Corona and other issues?

Maharashtra today is grappling with issues like corona, education, employment, floods in Vidarbha, the devastation caused by the Konkan nature storm. But, regional and national media are discussing only Kangana and Shiv Sena. Will Shiv Sena benefit from keeping this issue in the center?

On September 7 and 8 in the Monsoon session of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly, only Kangana and Arnab went out to discuss Goswami’s issues. There was no discussion on Corona and other issues. Along with Mumbai, Pune is also going through a severe corona crisis.

It was expected that there would be a serious discussion on these issues in the assembly. However, the discussion remained limited to the Kangana controversy.

Sanjay Raut told a news agency about this, “This dispute has been imposed on us. The opposition party should stand with the government on the issue of disrespect of Maharashtra. If it had happened then it would not have stretched the issue more than 10 minutes.” When Maharashtra is being insulted, the opposition party and other parties cannot stand apart at that time. We are all children of this soil. “

Information Courtesy: BBC

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