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Believe it or not ! A library has two international borders.

Everyone wants to acquire knowledge and library is a place where they can get the knowledge and books of their taste.

Have you heard a library which falls in two countries and there are people of two countries attending the same library without any passport and visa?

Yes, there is a library naming Haskell Free library that was constructed directly on the Canada-US border with Vermont on one side and Quebec on the other, the aim of the library is to provide the surrounding communities with a shared cultural centre and learning space.

Though, the library is staffed by both Americans and Canadians, with services offered in both English and French.

Canadians wishing to enter the building are not required to go through customs, even though they are crossing the border, “As long as their vehicle remains on the Canadian side of the street, they may walk around and enter the library, As long as they go back the same way there’s no problem.” said  long-time Library Director Nancy Rumery to English daily.

In the library, there is a black line indicating the border that runs through the library’s reading room and the building also has two addresses.While, the entrance to the library is on the U.S. side, while the books are on the Canadian side, and the reading room is “international,” with parts lying in Canada and parts lying in the U.S.

Not only this, the library has a opera house,  which is also divided, with the stage lying in Quebec and the theatre seats situated in Vermont.

Today, it is the only library in the world that exists and operates in two countries at once.

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