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Beer Lovers, You only have to pay ‘Service Charge’ for Beer in this Mumbai Bar.

Recently, the central government directed all the states to ensure that restaurants do not add a mandatory service charge to a customer’s bill. A customer has the right to refuse to pay the service charge at a restaurant if they don’t seem to be satisfied with their dining experience. The announcement was greeted with a lot of mixed reactions. Some rejoiced, others were confused, and a few others were quite furious.

Well, this bar in Mumbai, ‘Drop’ has decided to drop (see what I did there?) everything BUT the service charge from every pint of beer that you order from the 8th to the 12th of January.
So basically, you pay nothing but the service charge on every pint of beer.


What’s more, the offer is valid throughout the day during the dates specified. Dirt cheap beer all day long, a really nice ambiance, and… hmm just cheap beer works, right?

So go on, gather all of your friends, relatives, absolute strangers… ahem… I mean tinder dates, and just have fun!

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