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Beauty To Beat Traffic: This Country Is Using Girl ‘Power’ To Handle Traffic Chaos

North Korea may be on the edge of war but the state still possesses an army of beautiful women traffic wardens personally chosen by leader Kim Jong-un.The gorgeous traffic police in the capital Pyongyang have been spellbinding people across the globe, gathering fans worldwide.

These suited-and-booted beauties even have their own fan site as showcasing the latest pictures and videos of the glamorous wardens which can blow one’s mind. Also, the site awards a Pyongyang Traffic Girl of the Month and even produces calendars for their hordes of fans to purchase.

The ladies are only given the job if considered attractive and tall enough – by the chubby despot. Girls must be unmarried, attractive, healthy, at least 5′ 4″ tall and aged at least 16.They must also have graduated from high school.

The women must leave the job if they marry, with compulsory retirement at 26.

Bosses ensure a steady supply of photogenic young women on the streets, which prove to be a favourite subject of tourists.

The girls’ army-style uniforms keep changing throughout the year, from fur muffs in winter to short navy skirts and white blazers in summers. With estimates there are around 300 in the capital.

By: Drishti Gupta

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