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BBC journalist thrashed after accidentally touching women’s breast during live broadcast

No one can deny this fact, electronic media is a powerful medium and journalist have the power to raise questions to anyone.

But this time a shocking incident was reported where a BBC presenter Ben Brown was slapped after  touching a woman’s breast as he pushed her away when she interrupted an interview live on air.

Ben Brown, who has worked with the BBC for nearly three decades, was interviewing the BBC’s Assistant Political Editor Norman Smith about the reaction to Labour’s manifesto launch in Bradford when the incident took place.

During the interview a random female passerby wearing sunglasses walked directly into the view of the camera and said “absolutely fantastic”, cracked a smile and gave a thumbs up.

Displeased about the interruption, the BBC news presenter pushed her away by the breast and proceeded to continue with the interview as if nothing had happened. Mr Smith also asked her to leave them alone, saying: “Yes, just give us one second, alright?”

The unnamed woman then stepped backwards looking surprised and landing a firm slap on Mr Brown’s shoulder before walking away from the pair.

Later on Brown, said  that the incident had been “completely unintentional”.

The BBC would not confirm if there had been any complaints about Brown’s actions but said that no further action would be taken against Brown as it was “clearly an accident”.

Here is the full video

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