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Australian Batsman’s Comical Hit-Wicket Dismissal Leaves Fans Crazy

Jake Weatherald follows the example of Steve Smith, who was also dismissed hit-wicket recently.

Hit-wicket dismissals are not new to the game of cricket. Many a times, a batsman knocks off the bails with his bat, foot, or even headgear while trying playing and has to depart. However, what happened with Australian batsman.

Weatherald during a practice match can be counted as one of the most bizarre dismissals in cricket. During the match between NPS and Victoria, Weatherald went for the front-foot drive only to edge the ball back to his pads but what transpired then left the batsman embarrassed.

The left-handed batsman could not keep a grip on his bat as it slipped out of his hand, flew above his head and landed on top of the leg stump, knocking the bails off.

In a video uploaded by Cricket Australia’s official Twitter handle, Weatherald could be seen standing in disbelief after the comical dismissal.


Replying to the tweet, the official handle of NSW Cricket Club also uploaded a video of another batsman who could have also been dismissed in the same manner.

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