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#AppleTurnsTen: ‘If you don’t have an Iphone, you don’t have an Iphone’ How this Smartphone revolutionised the world!

Apple today is a brand synonymous with class and prestige all over the world. But then, while the brand is one of the most well-known household names, not many are aware of it’ turbulent history. it might not be wrong to say that Apple today, attributes all its success to that one iconic device, which changed its fortunes and also the way the world used phones forever – the iPhone.

Steve Jobs was a visionary and it was his vision that gave the world the brilliance called the iPhone. While iPhone was not exactly the first smartphone or even the first touch-screen device, it ushered in an era of change and showed the world just how advanced gadgets could be. With the unveiling of the iPhone came a trend in the smartphone era which has not ended to date and which continues – that of bringing the future to the present.

The iPhone truly ushered in a smartphone era and it brought to the world a device which was earlier only dreamed of. iPhone, during it’s launch in 2007 was a one of a kind device and though Steve Jobs only announced the phone on 9th January 2007 as it was launched months later in the second half of 2007, it sparked an interest and people have since then been awaiting the next generation of the iPhone with bated breath. It was on 9th January 2007 that the tradition of standing in queues outside Apple stores for the latest iPhone was set!

The original iPhone was launched in just the 4 GB internal memory variant – which once again was pathbreaking in those days. Over time, 8 GB and 16 GB versions were also launched. The original iPhone came with a 3.5 inch display and even had a camera! Apple to convince Modi government regarding additional incentives for Bengaluru plant on January 25th

10 years might have passed but the charm of the iPhone has still stayed the same, with nothing detracting from the amazing device that Apple launched. iPhones have grown a lot over the years but the original philosophy of the brand has stayed the same. Tim Cook has replaced Steve Jobs and helms

Apple now and there are a lot of changes we see in the brand – but the core still remains strong. For their 10th anniversary, Apple is expected to launch a new iPhone 8 with features to leave them all behind and while leaks have already started doing rounds, it is still too early to have any concrete news.

Apple is all set to set up a new manufacturing plant in India at Bengaluru and is in talks with the government for incentives.

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