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Anushka Sharma snatched the phone of a reporter and what she did afterwards will surprise you, Listen to the audio.

Anushka Sharma is busy promoting her upcoming movie ‘Phillauri’ these days. The second time producer (first being NH 10) is attending every media ventures to promote her movie.

We all know Anushka is witty and full of life. Her great sense of humor is the reason why we love her so much. But this time she went overboard and her humorous charm bamboozled the BBC reporter who is interviewing her.

In an interview with BBC, the ‘PK’ star was taking questions from the correspondent, suddenly, the correspondent’s phone starts ringing which happened to be her mother (So, relatable!). Anushka snatched the phone from her and had a chat with the reporter’s mother. This incident forced everyone present in the room to break into laughter.

The best part of the audio is where we can listen to Anushka saying Kritika’s(reporter) mother to call later as Kritika was busy interviewing her but the reporter’s mother was instant to question ’Kiska?’

What did Actress say in return?

Listen to the audio.

Phillauri is going to hit the theaters on 24th of this month.

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