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American Ambassodor amid India-Canada dispute: “We care about both the nations”

US Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti said that the US cares about its relations with both India and Canada. Amid the India-Canada dispute, US Ambassador Eric Garcetti told the media on Tuesday that we care about both the countries, and we are concerned about their relations.

Our relationship with both is very strong. I think we all need to make sure that we can come together as countries that take sovereignty seriously, take security seriously and the potential of our relationship.

Garcetti’s comments came soon after US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller said that the US is concerned about the killing of terrorist Hardeep Nijjar in Canada.

A State Department spokesperson said we are deeply concerned by the allegations referenced by Prime Minister Trudeau. As the Secretary said on Friday, we are in close contact with our Canadian partners.

Meanwhile, the US envoy to India, who was attending the 13th biennial Indo-Pacific Armies Chiefs Conference (IPACC), highlighted that India will again be the number one source of students from across the world and the US will approve 10 lakh visa decisions. Is very close to.

Garcetti said a record number of student visas were processed this summer. Now, India will again, probably, be the number one source of students from around the world.” He further said that the US expects 25 percent of foreign students to be from India alone.

We estimate that there will be 25 percent of foreign students in the US who just come from India and then, second, we are very close to having a decision on our 1 million visa applications in India, which will also be a new record.

He further said that America is not doing this with more people. We’re just working harder, working better, so that more Indians can come to America. Earlier today the closeness of the two countries, it is the integration of all the countries, we both are speaking for a free, prosperous Indo-Pacific.

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