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All those who oppose Valentine’s day celebrations, there’s a special place for you in Pakistan

Every year, as Valentine’s Day approaches, conservative and Islamist parties in Pakistan hold events and rallies to denounce celebrations in the country calling it un-Islamic and against traditional values.

This year, it has been taken one step further. The Islamabad High Court has directed that Valentine’s Day celebrations be banned in the country.

The order came on Monday, a day before the world celebrates love on 14 February.
The ban on Valentine’s Day celebrations has been imposed on Pakistan one day before the holiday, the Islamabad High Court ruled on Monday.

Festivities associated with the romantic holiday have been banned in public places and at an official level.Electronic and print media have been told to not cover the big day celebrating love or give it promotion.

The order came during a hearing for a petition arguing that the day is not part of Muslim traditions, according to The Express Tribune.The IHC passed on it’s ruling to the ministry, the federal government, Pemra chairman and chief commissioner. They have to submit a response to the order within ten days.

Last year President Mamnoon Hussain urged Pakistanis not to observe Valentine’s Day. At the time, Muslim clerics wanted to ban the holiday, but officials in the capital said they could not do so.

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