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Alia Bhat Eyefuls The Hope Gala; Sings Ikk Kudi, Donn Velvety Dress, Embrace Sapphire Necklace

Image Source: Reddit

Alia Bhatt is a celebrated actress globally and simultaneously retains an entrepreneurial role. tThe aim of hosting the event was, to secure funds for the Foundation. Salaam Mumbai Foundation operates programs in some Maharashtrian schools to help kids from impoverished neighborhoods develop their abilities in the arts, sports, and education, among other areas. This organization’s main goal is to eradicate tobacco use in Maharashtra. Several state districts now have a tobacco-free policy thanks to the efforts of this trust.

The Hope Gala provided an opportunity to discuss WHY the event was being hosted. Prominent figures including comedian Rohan Joshi, director Gurinder Chadha, and musician Harshdeep Kaur attended the event. Alia Bhatt enthralled everyone with her wardrobe selections throughout the evening. She first appeared as a traditional Indian, wearing a cream-colored saree with pearl and elaborate lace details, designed by the renowned clothing designer Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla.
Her emerald earrings emphasized her classic elegance and completed this ensemble. Later, Alia adopted a more Western appearance. She looked stunning in a wine gown, which accentuated her sophisticated charm.

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Look at this: Photo Dump from Alia Bhatt’s Hope Gala featured Bollywood stars and singer Harshdeep Kaur singing Ikk Kudi.

Nevertheless, Alia’s attire wasn’t the only thing that had people eye’s. Her necklace of blue sapphire and diamonds, with a replicating ring from the renowned Italian jewelry brand Bulgari, served as the focal point of her glamorous ensemble for the evening. This gorgeous jewelry set was the engagement of the event, estimated to be worth an incredible ₹20 crore (roughly 2.5 million USD). With its stunning sapphires surrounded by brilliant diamonds, the necklace epitomized elegance and, personified the extravagance that embellished the Hope Gala. 

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Author: Baisakhi Dhar

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