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After Virender Sehwag, Now Gautam Gambhir Post’s Video For Free Speech. Watch Video.

It’s been a week when Ramjus college ruckus broke out, and the dust is not seen to be settling down soon. The ruckus broke out at Ramjus college shook the nation and attracts media prime time slots.

The matter took a 360 degree turn when Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag trolled Gurmehar Kaur stand against ABVP member’s hooliganism and goondaism, and joining the chorus, Randeep Hooda, too, starts to troll the 20-year student of LSRC. And the matter turns out to be a whole political afterwards.

Just like India, which has been divided into two frontlines and ideologies on free speech, Indian cricket team, too, has seen two different ideologies. After, Virender Sehwag “Patriotic” stand against Gulmehar Kaur, comes the Gautam Gambhir video, showing his support for the same.

In his 1min long video, Gautam Gambhir clears his stand towards all the drama that had surrounded Gulmehar Kaur. The cricketer, unlike his mate Virender Sehwag, cleared his stand on free speech and clears that everyone in the country is free to express his/her opinion.

The ruckus broke out after the invitation to Umar Khalid, who was booked on sedition charges last year in JNU, sent out to give a speech on Protest and country. Soon, the ABVP, BJP’s student’s political wing, came into play to mark their protest against the invitation sent to Umar Khalid, and the clash broke out against the members of ABVP and AISA.

Soon, the video by Lady Sri Ram College student broke the internet on her demand to the students to stand against the goons and hooliganism shown by the ABVP members at Ramjus College. In her 4mins 23sec long video made the controversial headline, which left India divided into` two different ideologies. One group supporting Gurmehar Kaur stand and backing her for the bold step, and the other which is against and doing whatever possible (rape threats included) to crush down her voice.

Watch the video here:

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