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After taking the world by storm with his Pen-PineApple-Apple-Pen, comes Orange Juice

Out of all the internet sensations that transpired in 2016, there’s no denying that Pakistani singer Taher Shah took the whole world, but was the number second viral craze of the year. The first being the Japanese comedian Pikotaro who rock the world with his “PPAP- Pen-Pineaaple-Apple-Pen” But just as we were getting over the insanity of pens, pineapples, and apples, it appears that Piko-Taro is kicking off 2017 where he left off in 2016 – with another viral sensation!

The Japanese comedian uploaded another video named “I like OJ”, and like PPAP, it is also goofy to the ears! Featuring simplistic lyrics, a catchy chorus and a new weird dance, “I Like OJ” is definitely shaping to be 2017’s number one fruit-centered viral sensation.

So, next time when people ask you what to drink you know what to answer.

And if you had missed his famous PPAP, here it is.

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