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After RJ Malishka, Video Jockey, Rose Covaco, Takes On The BMC On Mumbai Roads Condition

Yuva Sena, wanted BMC to file a defamation case of 500 crores at RJ Malishka for taking a dig at the pot hole condition in Mumbai through her satirical song.

The matter heated up and Faye D’Souza of Mirrors Now openly lashed out at the Yuva Sena for their statement.

Jose Covaco has taken the matter in his hands now and has surveyed the Mumbai roads himself. His study has found that there are absolutely no potholes in Mumbai. BMC has only provided the citizens and birds with open containers of naturally made tea.

Also, what Malishka called as potholes are actually the speed breakers. They serve the purpose to make vehicles decrease their speed on roads and help them decrease the chances of accidents.

Jose also surveyed the road in front of Sachin Tendulkar’s house and found a special kind of “Big Tea Container” which was everything but not a pot hole for sure.

Watch out and stop cribbing about the pot hole issue from now on-

We must say, Jose has put a great light on the whole matter and we are totally convinced by the fact that BMC works for us with complete dedication. We won’t ever doubt again on the passion and sincerity BMC puts into their work. Hope, Malishka too understands the same.

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