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After #MeToo campaign, these dancers is making a strong point on sexual abuse

When Alyssa Milano started the #MeToo campaign on social media asking women to register their voices against sexual harassment, she would not have thought that this would strike the chord with such pace that it would touch worlds 50 percent of the population. The campaign went viral, generating thousands of responses, retweets, likes, giving a supreme sense of magnitude to the problem.

In the backdrop of this powerful moment comes a video by BOM squad, coming together to narrate their own experience of being sexual abuse victims. The video comes after the mass effect of the #MeToo campaign which helped the women unite against the sexual harassment they face.

But despite this, many fell prey to trolls and objectification. And these dancers aimed to highlight this very problem that plagues them on a daily basis.

Being dancers, they expose the derogatory comments they receive on a daily basis. The comments range from statements on their attire to downright sleazy comments.

Through their poignant performance, each dancer goes on to enact and narrate distressing stories of sexual assault and it will make you mad with rage.

The Youtube description reads:

“The inspiration to make this video came from watching Faye D’Souza. When every woman says #metoo, we have a problem. There is no big or small, harassment is harassment. Please do not be afraid to speak up. Please do not suffer in silence. It’s not your fault. Take help if you need. Today you will find a lot more help than ever. Speak up, the magnitude of the problem needs to be addressed. As Artists, we have the privilege of being able to express through our art. And so we did. Yes, these are only a handful of experiences that we went through, putting them all forward would need a few Hours or maybe more. But this is a small part of our story”

Watch the bold video here:

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