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After losing Himachal and Gujarat elections, Rahul Gandhi enjoys show Star Wars The Last Jedi

On a day when the country watches the political drama that unfolds in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, and every political party stick their eyes to the TV sets watching the fate unravelling from the ballot box. There is someone who is enjoying the same drama, though by not from the conventional way, but by watching the newly released Hollywood movie, Star Wars the Last Jedi.

Soon after the results were declared, BJP called in a meeting in the national capital to discuss their next course of action, and also to get an insight as what made the party to get the low vote share. But the man who made some real impact in the Gujarat election through his rallies was missing. Yes, we are talking about Congress’ newly elected president Rahul Gandhi.

Congress chief, who visited more than a dozen of temples in his ‘Navsarjan rally’ in Gujarat, and asked PM Modi some real questions, was nowhere to be seen after the results. According to a report by Times Now, the reason why no remarks came in from Rahul Gandhi was that he was too busy having a fun time with his friends watching the latest Star Wars franchise — Star Wars: The Last Jedi. In the past also Rahul Gandhi has expressed his love for the movie. Remember the dig Rahul Gandhi took on Modi government’s economic policies? He took a dig by referring to an iconic dialogue from very popular sci-fi franchise, Stars Wars.

Well, this report not only surprised many followers of Congress but also helped the BJP supporters to thump their chest with pride as the leader, PM Modi, was in a meet reviewing the reasons of less vote share, unlike going for movies with friends, which hi8s counterpart actually did.

Apart from garnering criticism from the masses, the Congress president found some support from the Party spokesperson and a senior Congress leader, Randeep S Surjewala. Backing Rahul Gandhi, he said that Rahul Gandhi lives a normal life just like every other Indian. He tweeted, “Dear ‘Bhakt Channels’ -: FYI. Sh. Rahul Gandhi lives life like every other Indian. He does watch movies. Warm Regards, Thank you!”

As expected, this support had triggered the Twitterati. Soon after Randeep S Surjewala put out his tweet, he was countered by several posts with people questioning his credibility to the party and contributions to the nation.

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