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After Justin Bieber Concert In Mumbai, Dhinchak Pooja Is All Set To Take The City To Its Music Masterpiece

The world is recovering from the music masterpiece by Taher Shah’s Angel, when Dhinchak Pooja picks up the legacy from where it was due. After taking the music industry to their feet by her famous songs “
‘Swag waali toppi’ to ‘Darru… Daaru… Daaru’ to ‘Selfie meine le li aaj’ Dhinchak Pooja is the now the well known name in India after Taher Shah. And after all that trolling and meme generation, there lies certain class of people who really appreciate the talent that Dhinchak Pooja has.

So, when the ‘Dhinchuks’ (Yep! That’s what she calls her ‘fans’) saw a Facebook event about a Dhinchak Pooja Live Concert, they immediately got excited. (Alas!)


As we have said, there are people are ready appreciate the talent this girl has, and to show the same, around 2,4oo people signed up going to the event.


Ticket prices? Unlike Justin Bieber’s 75K, for her concert, it was priced 7.5K. And, there’s a portal, too, where you can buy the tickets. Eerrmmm, just kidding


The event’s actually a fake one, created out of sheer fun. (Why would ANYONE do that? Oh wait, I see it. They wanna know who are the die-hard Dhinchuks hiding amongst them.)

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