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After “goku’ becoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics brand ambassador, here are the Indian cartoon characters which can replace “goku”

In an attempt to attract youth audience to sports, Tokyo administration had put a seal on Goku, a fiction cartoon character from Dragon Ball Z, to be the brand ambassador for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics. Goku fought off the exhaustive long list of cartoon characters and made his way to the top.

Many times, people would think “what happens if India was organising Olympics, what cartoon character could possibly replace ‘Goku’ as a brand ambassador?”

With that question in mind, one of our writers started researching and come up with the hilarious result of 5 characters for the same.

Here’s what we have found.

Saabu- From Chaa Chaa Chaudhary

Mighty, muscular, powerful and protecting chaachaa Chaudhary from every possible danger. Though his eyes may not flame out razor lights, he doesn’t have any special powers. But somewhere in our hearts, we are connected with this giant.


No, you are thinking wrong. It’s a cartoon character, not the one you are thinking about (pun intended). Bheem is a famous Indian cartoon character among children. Bheem is smart, intelligent and manages to solve all the problems of the people in the village.


How can we forget this brave heart? He can fly, he can run and he does everything that every superhero can do. He had become the household name in the country just after the release of the series.

ACP Pradyuman

You didn’t expect this name to be on the list, neither did we. But the potential, the calibre, and every synonym possible for the same, he uses to solve a murder mystery is beyond the thinking of a normal person. ACP Pradyuman has been solving the cases for the last 18 years. So, he deserve a place in our list

Rahul Gandhi

We sincerely apologise for this, but we can’t able to resist this name to be on the list. Whatever he wants to do, attracts a fresh wave of trolls with him. The main attraction remains his speeches in the rallies. Maybe, he needs a new script writer.

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