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After 39 years of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy now Ludhiana hosts a similar man-made disaster: Know More

Eleven people, including two children, died and 12 were admitted to the hospital on Sunday after inhaling poisonous gas in a residential area located on 33 Foota Road in the densely populated Gyaspura area of ​​Ludhiana City. Eight of these people have been discharged. The gas leak continued till late evening.

Residents were evacuated from the affected area. The area of ​​300 meters has been sealed. On the spot, the NDRF team is engaged in rescue work and investigation into the cause of the gas leak. However, till now it is not known from where the gas leaked.

In the preliminary investigation, it has been suspected that some chemical has been put inside the sewerage, due to which this gas was generated. NDRF has also taken samples of manholes. A magisterial inquiry has been ordered into the accident. At the same time, the government announced giving two lahks each to the families of the dead and Rs 50 thousand to the injured.

The incident came to light at 7 am on Sunday when some people who had come to buy milk at a Goyal grocery store started fainting. On seeing it, the shopkeeper Sourav Goyal started having difficulty in breathing. After this there was noise, his brother Gaurav Goyal and others also came under the family. As everyone came down, they fainted due to gas.

Three members of Goyal’s family died in the accident. At the same time, the entire family of Dr. Kavilash, who lived in front of the shop, died. The family consisted of Kavilash, his wife, and three children. One of the deceased, who was in his 20s, is yet to be identified.

All the victims were originally from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar and had settled in Ludhiana for work. Those who are under treatment in the hospital are still unconscious and not in a condition to talk. Two employees who rushed to the rescue also fainted. The NDRF team carried out rescue work and evacuated the people.

According to eyewitnesses, as soon as the information was received, the officials of PCR Tango 42 reached there. When one of them, Sawan Kumar, went ahead to save the people, he also fell unconscious. Then even the officials once again came into a panic. While regaining consciousness, the employees covered their faces with cloth and put the victims in their car and took them to the hospital, and immediately informed the senior officials. Of those who were taken to the hospital, 11 people died.

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