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Advertisement Is The Old Age Thing, Instagram Is The New Trend For Celebs To Earn Their Living

It’s not a surprise for common-man as how much film actors and actress earns from their single movie. Salman Khan, who charges anywhere between 40 to 60 crores or Shah Rukh Khan who charges close to anywhere between 40 crores is not come as a surprise considering the earning of the movie. And considering the standards of thier life, the fees is genuine. And to maintain that life, the actors would look for alternate means to earn, advertisement being the best parth.

And what if we tell you that celebs has Intagram to mark up their earning. Dont belive us? Though, not much popular right now, but some of them had started the trend.

In a report it is mentioned that the veteran footballer, Christiana Ronald’s, Instagram posts earns him around £310,000.

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A study by Instagram schedulers Hopper puts the Real Madrid’s influence third in their top-10 earners list, behind only singer Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian.

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Ronaldo, who boasts a following of 106million on the social network, is a prolific contributor – regularly adding multiple images each day of his excursions around the world.

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Singer Selena Gomez is top of the tree with earnings of £425,00 per post

By: Drihti Gupta

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