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Adulting Challenges You Face When You Move To A New City

Moving out of a city is an exquisite undertaking in itself. The biggest challenge is finding a place to live that suffices your basic amenities. When you’re a novice and simply lack the know-how on how to do this right, trust me, you learn a thing or two. And when you finally get a hang of it, it’s nothing more than a hoot and a half! Here are a few things you can relate to when you’re a brand-new resident of the new city.

1. first few weeks, you’ll be lost

Sometimes, you may even end up in another locality way farther than yours. In times like these, GPS on your phone is your only knight in the shining armour!


2. Finding a nice place on rent that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket is the ultimate proof of “adulting.”

There is nothing better than finding a place to rent equipped with all the necessary amenities which comes at a price that doesn’t make a  pauper out of you. But it’s much easier said than done. There is a lot of exhaustion, stress, frustration and money involved in between. But thankfully, such homes exist at NestAway where you can avail hassle-free options to rent with ease. Just fill this form and the good people at Nestaway will reach out to you!

3. Your online shopping is soon replaced with going to the convenience store for doormats, brooms, dustbins, toothbrush holders and definitely super cleaners.

Gone are the days when you used to sit in front of your laptop scrolling through hundreds of styles, adding the ones good enough in your cart and buying some or all of them. Life is now restrained to buying household stuff in the convenience store, but worry not, this too shall pass. Soon, you’ll be settled in and the days of glory will be back.


4.  You will always be confused as in which bag I packed it in.

We all know packing is one hell of a task. And when you’re packing your whole life in a few luggage bags and questionably collected cartons, you are bound to forget where did you pack what.

5.   you will die to fly away to Himalaya and take salvation.

you get these sudden pangs of panic and all you want to do is run somewhere towards the Himalayas and secretly hope that an unknown tribe of monks will find you and train you into becoming the Iron Fist

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