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Actor Sonu Sood opens heart for underprivileged, will open school for them

Actor Sonu Sood is also known for helping people apart from his strong acting. He helped the needy a lot during the Corona epidemic and his noble work is still going on.

Recently he met an engineer from Katihar (Bihar) who has quit his job and started a school for orphans. The person has named this school after the actor. Sonu is deeply impressed by the engineer’s gesture and has decided to provide a new building for the school and help provide higher education to underprivileged children.

Let us tell you that in February this year, Sonu was surprised to read about 27-year-old engineer Birendra Kumar Mahato who quit his full-time job to open a school for orphans and named it after the actor. Inspired by Mahto’s effort to provide free education and food to 110 children, the actor is now ready to support Mahto.

For this, he met the engineer and tried to understand the school’s ratio, and quality of education, creating awareness to bridge the education gap between rich and poor and other needs of the school. By the end of the day, Sonu begins work on a new building for the school so that it can house as many underprivileged children as possible. Along with this, the actor also made sure that food is provided to the children on time.

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