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A Woman In Tamil Nadu Chop-Off Husband Private Genitals; Investigation Underway

Infidelity in a marriage is not an easy pill to swallow. In can plunge spouses into a deep depression and cause a lot of anger and pain.

It can also make people do strange things which they later regret. However, one woman’s act went too far and got her arrested for what can only be called vengeance.

After learning of her husband’s unfaithful ways, a woman from Tamil Nadu reportedly cut off his genitals. According to the media report, she also carried the chopped up penis in her purse to her house.

The couple had been separated for a year after 14 years together. She had been living with her parents while her four children were living with their father’s parents, according to the report. A recent attempt to reconcile failed as they fought constantly and accused the other of cheating.

The incident occurred on Wednesday night after a fight broke out between the two. Things took an ugly turn when her drunken spouse told her he was going to marry someone else, while she accused him of bringing his mistress to their home when she was not there.

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