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No Fear No Favour

A teacher from Chennai PSSB school has been sexually assaulting students.

Byline by- Aaliya Sultana

Recently a teacher at one of the most reputed school school in Chennai has sparked controversy on Twitter when the cases of sexual harassment came out against him through students and the alumni. The teacher is identified as Rajagopalan.
Screenshots were being shared as a witness that shows the teacher indeed has shown inappropriate behavior and harassed students. There has been several demand by people, alumni, and even known personalities to suspend the teacher immediately.
Chinmayi Sripadada said on Twitter ‘I have been asked to share this.
A staff member PSBB KK Nagar Branch and the screenshots of him coming in a towel wrapped around his waist to class (!!) to watching porn in class.
Model Kripali Samdaria has collated all accounts on Instagram here.
(@__kripali on Instagram)’
it’s been told that Rajagopalan came to classes in a towel. He has also made requests to girls for video class in night time and has asked them for a date and going out for a movie. Along with this the screenshots surfacing on Twitter shows that he has made comments on their physical appearance. He has also shared a link to porn video in the class room. The sources have also said that he has indulged in slut-shaming and sex jokes.

Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli who is Indian Tamil actress recently tweeted ‘TW: stories of sexual harassment. Rajagopalan, commerce teacher in #PSBB(KKN) is a sexual harasser. Posting this after I have personally verified this with a student from this man’s class. Also posting this to amplify and ensure he gets the punishment he deserves. This is sick’

Along with this several people have come up and even a boy. A lot of teachers from the school has been called out for their inappropriate behavior.

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