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A soldier is never of duty, Know how SMO Dr. Lokeshwar Khajuria saved the life of a co-passenger

A soldier is never off duty where ever he goes he roles and responsibility follow. In a recent incidence, Off-duty SMO Dr Lokeshwar Khajuria saved the life of a co-passenger while travelling in a flight.

On 25th June, while Dr. Lokeshwar Khajuria was traveling in a plane suddenly a tragedy took place and his fellow co-passenger fell unconscious due to chest pain and this lead to creating tension among other fellow passenger and plane crew.

SMO Dr. Lokeshwar Khajuria deals this situation with patience, treated the unconscious patient and completed his duty of being a soldier by saving a life. The crowd applauded his effort with applauses and praised his gentleness as well.

Soldiers are the true inspiration for everyone as they tend to save the life of a common man during duty and during off-duty as well.

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