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A ‘Life’ Inside Her Brought A Mother Back To Life From Coma.

They say kids are god’s gift to parents. And this gift is considered to be the most precious of the gifts given to any parents. Parents forget their every tension after looking at child’s innocent activities and smile.

It’s true, that children bring liveliness to the home and to parents life. But have you ever heard that a mother comes to life because of her very own child? Yes, it did happen.

A woman police officer in Argentina, Amelia Bannan, gave birth to her son while in a coma. The 34-year-old police officer was involved in a road accident while on duty last year. Upon reaching the hospital, the doctors informed the family that Bannan was pregnant and there were no chances of her giving birth to the child.



However, after 54 days of being in a coma, Bannan gave birth to her son, Santiano. While the mother was still in a coma, the child was looked after Bannan’s sister.

She would bring Santiano to Bannan every day in the hospital. The family believes that it was due to Santiano that Bannan came out of the coma. Earlier this year, Bannan announced her wish to start walking and resume a normal life with her son, Santiano.

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