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No Fear No Favour

A heart-melting reply by this company to an innocent letter will make your day.

Being left-hander in a world full of right-handers is a horror we hardly talk about. Left handers struggle everyday with several things but we barely hear the stories. Here are few –

Holding the mug made for right-handers or any regular mug –

Right-hander chairs –

Just a regular scooper is enough to ruin your day –

Aware of all such problems, mother of a left-hander kid who understood the horror of being a lefty sent a letter a to Hindustan Pencils Private Limited . Letter expressed the concern that the company must manufacture sharpeners for left-handers as well. As her little kid was facing difficulties in using the regular sharpener which is designed for right-handers. The Hindustan Pencils Private Limited replied with a heart-warming letter and set of 3 left-hander sharpeners. Here’s the letter and the tweet –

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