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A Girl with Animal Traits Found in Uttar Pradesh

There have been few cases of children growing up isolated from the human civilization with animals in different parts of the world including India. One such case has been surfaced in Uttar Pradesh.

A sub- inspector in Uttar Pradesh, Suresh Yadav, during a routine patrol in Motipur range of Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, found an 8-year-old girl. The girl is believed to have been living with the troops of monkeys. When the police tried to rescue her, there was a huge resistance from her and the monkeys. This news was first reported by ANI.


Afterwards, she was admitted to the district hospital. “The girl was found two months back, eats and walks like animals, and runs away on seeing humans,” said Chief Medical Officer DK Singh to a newspaper. “She has marks on her skin, looks like she has lived with animals for quite some time. Now she is better and healthy, showing improvement.”

One of the newspaper reported, the doctors in charge of her care said she gets scared by humans and often gets violent. They said the minor has been taught to walk but she frequently uses her hands and legs to get around. She can neither speak nor write.

By – Parul Kulshrestha


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