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A 90 year old women sold her goats in lieu to build toilet for her 102 year mother-in-law !

A Mother day is not all about clicking selfies with your mom or cutting a cake on that day.

It’s a day on which you can gratitude her by doing something productive.

A similar thing was done in Uttar Pradesh’s Anantapur village, where a 90-year-old woman sold five of her goats to collect enough money to construct a toilet for her 102-year-old mother-in-law.

Chandana says that the inspiration to build the toilet came on the day her mother-in-law had gone out for defecation and fell down, resulting in the centenarian to break her leg.

As, Chandana had to sell her goats to raise the capital, as no government authority came forward to help her in this cause.

Now she can be seen as an ambassador for the central government’s campaign to improve the sanitation in rural India.

Chandana’s son Ram Prakash said that the village sarpanch and district authorities didn’t do anything even when his mother tried seeking help from them. It was then that she decided to build the toilet by herself.

According to the ANI report, when contacted, the village sarpanch tried to shift the blame on the district authorities. He said, “We have time and again given list to the district authorities but till now not even one toilet has been constructed.”

The district officials lauded Chandana’s determination and they said that they will conduct an enquiry into the matter.




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