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A 10-Year-Old Boy Has Been Growing His Hair Out For Two Years To Donate To Cancer Patients

Many people are attached to their hair. Well… duh, it grows out of your head. But for some, the idea of even getting a trim will bring tears to their eyes and panic to their hearts. For others, getting their haircut is a pretty regular thing that barely makes them blink. But what about all the people who only dream about having hair they could get trimmed? Our hair becomes part of us and can really affect how we feel about ourselves. Just think about the last time you had a bad hair day — I bet your day wasn’t so great either!

Many cancer patients who have experienced hair loss wish they could have their locks again because it gives them a feeling of being “normal” again. One little boy understood how some people yearn for hair and he was more than willing to give his own so that someone else could benefit.

Wigs can be either synthetic or made from real human hair. People looking for wigs have their own preferences. It’s easier to make synthetic hair because, for real human hair wigs, you obviously need people to donate. And it’s not as simple as gathering up your hair from a trim. To donate hair, there are some rules you need to follow before you start cutting.

Two years ago, Thomas Moore and his mom were watching a Facebook video. It was of a little girl, Kyssi Andrews, who had lost her hair while battling cancer.


Thomas’ mom told him how chemotherapy can make people’s hair fall out and that’s what happened to Kyssi. He decided to grow out his hair for people like Kyssi.


So for the next two years, Thomas avoided haircuts. Finally, now at the age of 10, he was ready.

Thomas had planned to donate his hair to make a wig for Kyssi. He didn’t realize that he would have enough hair to make three wigs!


His Aunt Amber took before and after photos of Thomas’ haircut. She tweeted the results, which have been retweeted over 57,000 times and liked over 113,000 times.

Thomas selfless act isn’t new, but it is something we need to see more of. Even you can help out with wigs for people experiencing hair loss.


Everyday people are looking for wigs for numerous reasons.
Give what you have plenty of to those who have none.Have you ever donated hair or thought about donating?

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