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7% of people admit to checking phones during sex

Whether it’s on the train or in the gym, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a public area without someone looking at their smartphone.

A shocking new report has revealed the extent to which people now depend on their smartphones.

The report reveals some of the most inappropriate situations during which people have felt the need to look at their smartphone – including during sex, on the toilet, and even during a funeral.

Smartphones have become a major part of people’s lives across the world as the urge to stay connected and reach out to more people dominates the masses like never before. People can be seen glued to their devices in public spaces and also spend a lot of time on their phones in private.


While something like smartphone addiction being real isn’t surprising at a time the obsession with handsets seems to be going out of hand, a study has revealed some bizarre findings. Scientists found that there is a considerable number of people who have checked their phone while having sex.


Meanwhile 72 percent people admitted that they use their phone while in the toilet, 36 percent said they would use their device while out on a date. 62 percent said not being connected to WiFi made them anxious while 61 percent find it impossible to give up when 58 percent thought it’s impossible to give up sex.


As seven percent said they checked their phone during sexual encounters, 23 percent chose WiFi over a taking a bath daily and 19 percent said they would prefer it over human contact. People even found quitting WiFi harder than giving up on smoking, alcohol an drugs.

Yes, our lives are hectic and full of work and personal commitments, but surely we can all still take the time to dedicate ourselves to a little romance now and again without the constant need to check our mobile phones.

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