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Sabarimala Sees 550 Women Register Despite Ban

A total of 550 women who belongs to the banned menstrual age of 10 years to 50 years have registered online to witness an upcoming Sabarimala Festival from November 16.

Inspite the Supreme Court’s ruling which allows all women to seek blessings from Ayyappan and Dharmashasta deities, considered holiest in the region, the Sabarimala temple authorities and supporters have denied entry to women belonging to the menstrual age.

Till the last count, over 3 lakh devotees have registered online to witness the Mangala Puja and the subsequent rituals of the Sabarimala Festival.

Ahead of the festival, a Supreme Court hearing against petition of its verdict is awaited.

Despite the Supreme Court order of September 28 this year, women faced opposition when the temple was opened to them for a day between October and November. A total of 150 people have been registered for inciting violence on November 5 and 6 on the pretext of allowing women of menstrual age inside the temple.

The Kerala police had started an online registration for the Sabarimala Festival a couple of years ago to enable a smooth regulation during the festival. Although a Supreme Court hearing is pending against its verdict, incidences of violence against women devotees have been reported to be on the rise.

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