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5 Morning Habits will make your day Positive

Celebrate your body and mind by treating them right first thing in the a.m.! Follow these five morning habits and watch yourself transform before your own eyes.

1. Exercise.

Want to be able to lift gallons of milk, defend yourself, and feel invincible? Build muscle and endurance to change your life. Try high intensity interval training (HIIT) because you can do anything for short periods of time.

2. Meditate.

All those emails, tweets, texts, phone calls and personal demands for your attention are taking away your mental energy. Be kind to your mind. All you need: 10-20 minutes of sitting and watching your breath.

3. Poop.

You read that right. Defecate. What goes in must come out. If you are eating right, this should happen every morning. If your system is off then you know it’s time to alter your food intake.



4. Eat and Drink.

Eat a healthy and filling breakfast with protein and drink water so that you can make it to lunch without collapsing. What if aliens attack at 10 am? Will you have enough energy stored to defend yourself? Will you be hydrated and at your best?


5. Gratitude.

Smile and say thank you to at least one person before you make it to work or better yet, compliment someone. Each morning. Do it. Your entire day will be better and you will have no regrets after that alien invasion.

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