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4 common weight loss myths that you might not know

4 common weight loss myths that you might not know

Losing weight is not cakewalk. Hard work, dedication and discipline combined together can help you to achieve your goals. Though there is unlimited information about ways to lose weight but then it can give both to several weight loss myths that many people start following blindly. When most of the people decide to start weight loss journey they usually eliminate carbs from their diet and have green tea thinking that it wouldhelp in weight loss. Green tea is full of anti-oxidants which might keep our body healthy but does not help in weight loss. Following are 4 such myths that you might face during your weight loss journey :

1.Drinking herbal tea:
There is no one food that can help you to lose weight alone. Right food when consumed in moderation along with exercise is only way to lose weight healthily and sustainably. Herbal tea can support overall health of the body but it might not help to lose weight.

  1. Eliminating Carbs from diet:
    Losing weight requires you to consume balance diets and carbs are the most important part of balance diet and eliminating carbs completely from diet makes us feel tired. So you must 40 percent of carbs in your diet.

3.Eating only fruits is not the solution:
Fruits are super healthy but eating just fruits will deprive of many nutrients in your body. A fruit does not have any fat and protein which is usually required by body for its proper functioning.

4.Doing too much cardio:
We think that doing lots of cardiovascular exercise helps us to burn more calories and hence lose more weight;but it does not happen this way. Doing too much cardio exercises make our body to go in fight or flight mode which lowers the metabolism of our body.

By line : Divya Thearia

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