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26 Assam officers take handwriting test after civil service cash-for-jobs scam!

The police have also summoned 25 officers of the Assam Civil Service, Assam Police Service and other services who had got jobs through the APSC in 2015, allegedly with unfair means including bribery.

Another scandal comes to light, this time from the Assam Public Service Commission. This shameful Cash-for- Job incident throws light on 26 officers recruited through Civil Service Examination whose handwriting is now being verified in a special branch of the State Police. Among these 26 officers, 13 are from Assam Civil Services (ACS), 7 from Assam Police Services (APS) and others from different branches.

The son of former Congress minister Nilomani Sen Deka, a relative of Cabinet minister cum State Minister Rajen Gohain and former RS member Naznin Faruque are present. These people cracked the Civil Service Examination by APS in 2015 and bagged jobs.

The Director General of Police Mukesh Sahay on Friday said that all those involved in this scam, after being interrogated, will be given a blank sheet of paper to write upon and this will be sent to Forensic Department Examination for comparison with the answer scripts of the 2015 examination.

In 2015, 250 applicants were selected but an Assistant Engineer was arrested as he allegedly took around Rs 10 Lakh as bribe from a woman. After this matter, the APCS scandal was busted.

The director of APCS Rakesh Kumar Paul and eight others have been arrested. Raids which took place at Paul’s house and at the APSC office revealed two sets of answer sheets of 3 ACS officers. They have been arrested as they were selected on a fraudulent basis.

Later, police have secured more than 1000 answer scripts for examination from the APSC office and the alleged officers have been called in for questioning. Initial investigation revealed that Paul felicitated the examinations of those who reportedly bribed him with Rs 40 Lakh to secure a job.

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