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Celebrate the great Indian fool day

To rid India of all ills of black money, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiated demonetisation is a big flop. To make it a smashing success, the narrative of the goals of the demonetization dramatically shifted from the black money and fake currency to the virtues of digital economy.

If demonetisation is a magic spell for all problems related to black money, then why is the GDP is still clocking 3.7% at the 2004-2005 base year?

In fond remembrance of demonetisation, let’s have a quick look at how this past one year went through:

Constitutional validity of demonetisation is seriously in doubt.

Irony of demonetisation, it even failed to boost even digital payments.

Unearthing the great Indian demonetisation.

What a subtle way of celebrating a death anniversary!

Mark Twain once said, “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

Well-said someone, any crackdown on companies or corrupt people can be done without a bad policy decision like demonetisation.

Modi black magic holds.

Any amount of rebuking & lamenting won’t suffice for the disaster that took place a year ago.

Can one suggest if Vikas is only for Shah-Zada?

— sumaradc tirur (@sumaradctirur) November 8, 2017

After the drama, we look not-so-fondly at demonetisation and the government’s action was clearly arbitrary and unfair opines.

Describing the demonetisation, West Bengal’s Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee turned her Twitter display picture black. To name it a black day or an anti-black day, depends entirely on the political ideology one follows but for the citizens of India, it’s a ‘Fool Day.’

Cheer to the success of the first anniversary of money laundering!

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