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Bihar woman makes a horrific revelation about his husband

Bihar woman returns from the deathbed, revealing horrifying truth about her husband. The monstrous act of the Uttar Pradesh man throwing off his four minor daughters from the train is hitting the news.

On October 24, Mohd Iddu boarded Kamakhya-Katra Express to Jammu along with his family- including his daughters Rubina, Algun, Muniya, and Shamina. While the train was passing through Sitapur, UP, he threw four of his daughters from the train while they were asleep.

Initially, the cops suspected their uncle behind the uncle and his friends as culprits. Later, however, things took a different turn.

Five days after the incident, the mother Afreen Khatoon, who was assumed dead, returned to her village in Bihar with her two-year-old daughter, Shehzadi.

According to Afreen, her husband Iddu threw off their daughters from the train. While three other girls survived, seven-year-old Muniya was found dead.

Afreen reveals that she was petrified to found her daughters not beside her and when she asked about the missing ones, he said he threw them off the train.

His husband warned her saying he would do the same to her and her youngest daughter if she tries to raise an alarm. At the final destination in Jammu, he abandoned them too.

Afreen somehow made it to her mother’s village with her youngest daughter, clueless of her missing girls.
“Iddu never fulfilled his responsibilities as a father. In the 13 years of marriage; he neither cared for us nor monetarily helped us. This time he was unwavering on taking me and the children with him,” said Afreen.
As Iddu’s cell phone location was tracked down to Jammu; the search for Iddu is set in motion to make an immediate nab.

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