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Mumbai competes with Delhi, Sonam Kapoor catches bronchitis due to bad air


Pollution has become a frequent term that our ears are attuned to and the chemical alteration spares no one when decides to trap.

Voicing on this alarming issue, actress Sonam Kapoor has recently tweeted on how she has caught breathing troubles because of air pollution. She divulges developing bronchitis and wheezing.

Here’s how the B-Town actresses tweeted agreeing to the rising problem of pollution:
Relating to the pollution issue, Richa Chadda also expressed her observation.

In a series of tweets, Richa orated how ignorance among people has paved the way for this environmental hazard causing health troubles. Corporate greed and negligent environmental standards are

Let’s have a look at what Sophie Choudry has said:

Richa Chadda also put across her views of risks related to giving birth to a baby in this polluted world with no dirt free air to breathe.

Climate fight has become a matter of concern for all of us but the best thing is that number of celebrities have pitched in to voice their concern and spreading awareness about clean air and a better environment is a welcome move.

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