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No Fear No Favour

Pidi’s paw-some Namaste to all political functionaries!

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhiโ€™s tweet on pup Pidi has flickered fight on twitter engaging many political functionaries.

The cuteness overload video clip was uploaded in reply to all the critics who pointed fingers in his sudden popularity surge on twitter.

The 14-second clip shows how Mr Rahul is heard tutoring his pet, Pidi.
Doing a paw-some “Namaste,” Pidi shows venerable obedience. The cute pup excels the training session abide by the master standing up on its haunches.
He also poises a cookie on its nose and disappears at the spur-of-the-moment. Pleased master, Rahul yells “good boy”!

Accompanying the tweet comes to a sardonic mention where the Congress vice-president hit back against all his rumormongers for passing uncharitable remarks at his recent displays of witticisms on social media.

Known for his wit, Mr Rahul twitted that his pet is behind those tweets; this sarcastic tweet video caught immediate attention including the former Congressperson and current Assam BJP minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma. Responding to that, the minister recognised the pet.

In an interview, Sarma voiced that Rahul kept feeding when he sought to discuss political issues before the assembly polls in 2016.

Crafting it as a troll subject, hereโ€™s how political personalities have reacted to his tweet:

However, this seems to be no easy digest for political functionaries.

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