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15 things would have been completely different if Harry Potter had taken place in India!

I adore the “Harry Potter” series and, in fact, I have watched the entire movie series countless times and read all the books, even the journals and extensions which J.K Rowling releases from time to time. I am fascinated by their persistence, in part because of how much they improved as Rowling continued to write them: the characterization gets deeper, the ideas more sophisticated, and Rowling’s prose improves dramatically from the early awkwardness of “Sorcerer’s Stone” to the occasional passages of “Deathly Hallows” that achieve a real lyric effect.

I couldn’t help but wonder if Harry Potter had taken place in India, what would have been changed or how the characters would interact with each other if they had to deal with Indian backdrop. So here it is, 20 things that would’ve been completely different if Harry Potter series took place in India.

1. Your Hogwarts letter would never come because of the high cut-off.

2. Mudbloods are actually the SCs and OBC’s of Hogwarts.

3. The Hogwarts Express trolley witch would be replaced by a man yelling “Chai Chai, Chana Chor chana garam.”

4. Rita Skeeter would be replaced by Shobha Dey.

5. Shahrukh Khan and Mukesh Ambani would own different Quidditch teams.

6. You wouldn’t have to run to the walls, you’d be pushed in by the crowds in a train station.

7. Voldemort would spend a couple of days in jail before for all his crimes then become an MP.

8. Dobby would always refer as Chotu or Ramu Kaka, regardless of his real name.

9. Nagini wouldn’t be loyal to old Voldy because any roadside snake charmer would be able to communicate with her.

10. No parents would want their children to study in Hogwarts because it does not have subjects like a Maths or Science. “Engineer ya Doctor kaise Banega”?

11. The Great Hall would have separate tables for vegetarians, non-vegetarians, jainies, Punjabi, bina lahsun-pyaaz, sirf egg khane wale and countless others.

12. Court cases of Harry, Voldemort and Dementor’s would go on and on for at least 10 years.

13. Ron’s mother would say to Harry and Ron before their big battle with Voldemort and his army “Beta dahi shakkar khaa ke jana”.

14. The story would end with Harry and Ginny’s massive shaadi, where he rides in with his baraat on a decorated theatre.

15. 19 years later, everyone in this story lives happily ever after……As a successful engineer, lawyer or doctor.

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