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15 Reasons Why Being Single Is Not Depressing, Actually Its Awesome!

Being Single sucks, it’s not Fun. You can’t celebrate Valentines Day, Or New Years Day kiss with someone. But Let me tell you a secret, being single is Fun, In fact, its super fun.

Here are the 15 reasons why being single is awesome.

1. You can check out anyone, with having a guy or girl in the next room yelling at you.

15 Reasons Why Being Single Is Not Depressing, Actually Its Awesome!

2.You don’t have to be a Yes Man for her, do what you want. You don’t like the clothes I’m wearing? Close Your Eyes, then. I’m not going to change. Yes, you can finally say this line.

3. You don’t have to watch all sappy shitty Romcoms with her or if you are a girl, yes you can watch your favourite shows. Instead of a Cricket Match!

4. You can now flirt with anyone, all those guys and girls who give you the “stinkeye”, it’s the best time to call them.

5. You have all time to hang out with your friends, who keeps complaining when you are in a relationship that you don’t have time for them.

6. You don’t have to share your precious bed with anyone. Unless you want to.

7. You can “Make Out” with anyone, who cares about Valentine’s day when you have this power, right?

8. You don’t have to buy presents for anyone in Holidays, unless if you want to.

9. And, Not have to pretend you like the presents he/she gives you on Holidays.

10, No Shaving!, You don’t have to shave your beard because she doesn’t like it.

11. All the closet space, all the kitchen space It’s Only For You!.

12. You can sleep at night now, all the constant nagging, all the bachha-babu so gaya? nonsense, no more.

13. You can binge watch any tv show you want. No one can say ” Please wait for me, we can watch it together.

14. Smoking, drinking permissions, who cares?

15. You can talk to anyone. A guy who is good to you but you can’t talk to him as your so-called boyfriend is jealous of him or a girl who is a great listener but you don’t have a permission to talk to her as according to your girlfriend “She’s a whore” is gone.

Enjoy your ‘Freedom’ now.

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