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12 Years ago MMS leaked scandal girl Anara Gupta is getting married to a Politician.

If you are an active News listener from past one Decade then you must have gone through the Anara Gupta MMS CD scandal in 2004. In which an adult video of her with an anonymous guy was made and CD copies of that adult video were available at every Compact Disc selling shop throughout the country. She gained a lot of popularity through that video due to negative publicity. In 2004 pornography was banned in our country due to which she spent 10 day in police remand.

Later she exposed the accused person who was well-known cable TV operator Narinder Kohli of having raped her and lured her into the pornography business, then blackmailing her with the produced DVD; Kohli was arrested. She also described a larger pornography ring, involving several politicians.

She had won the title of Mrs Jammu in 2001 during Beauty Pageant fashion show. She had also featured in several South and Bhojpuri Movies.

The next big tantrum about her is really ridiculous as now she is going to get marry with a Politician. This report has been confirmed by her own self during an interview with local print media News Paper.She has not disclosed the name of that politician. Let’s wait and watch!

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