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12-year-old girl’s uncle fools her; Gets married with her calling it a doll game

Remember the good old days when you would visit your grandparent’s house and all those joyous memories that you still cherish? The pampering of your Nani, the chocolates you would get from your mama and to get and what not. We bet you still remember it all. But for some people, those memories would be of uncle forcing them into marrying them.

Yes, that’s what exactly happened in Guna Madhya Pradesh with a 12-year-old girl when she comes from Chabra, Rajasthan to visit her grandmother who was unwell.

Here’s what happened:

The man, the girl’s mausa, had been abandoned by the girl’s aunt. The man named Razzak Khan convinced his niece to come to her Nani’s house.

The girl fell into the trap and lands up in Madhya Pradesh. Razzak, who lives the house next to the girl’s house, executed his evil plan with the help of his own father and brother. He also got two other men to act as witnesses. And that’s how the nikaah completed.

He also got her age changed from 12 to 18 to make the marriage ‘legal’.

They had told the girl that they were playing doll marriage, and she believed them. The girl was then locked up for two months and had no contact with her own family during that time.

When the daughter didn’t return home, the mother got worried. She was then informed about the marriage. Horrified, the girl’s mother rushed to Guna.

With the help of the police, she managed to rescue her daughter from the accused’s place.
The man has been arrested under POSCO Act and several sections of the Indian Penal Code. His accomplices are in police custody too.

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