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No Fear No Favour

These are the 10 rules for using broom

In the house, you have often heard from the mother or older, that do not reverse the broom because it is bad or do not hit the bat on the broom, Lakshmi will become disgraced mother. Everything in the house is very vital in Vaastu. There are many things related to the broom that you may not know.

Here are some of them:

1.The mythological texts have said that it is inauspicious to broom in the house after being dark.

2. Whenever a member of the family goes out of the house, it is also inauspicious to broom immediately. Clean them after 1 or 2 hours after they leave.

3. Should not keep legs on the broom. It is believed that by doing this, Lakshmi’s mother becomes angry

4. Never keep an inverted broom in the house. It says that dissension in the house increases.

5. The broom should never be kept out of the house or on the roof. It is said that doing this causes fear of being stolen in the house

6. If we respect the broom, then it is a sign of Mahalakshmi’s happiness.

7. The broom should always be kept in a place where it is not visible to any member of the house or outside.

8. After taking a new house, taking a old broom is considered as bad luck.


9.If a small child suddenly starts brooming in the house then it is said that this makes the sum of unwanted guests coming home.

10. If a new broom is seen standing in the dream then it is a symbol of good fortune.

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