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10 reasons to include dark chocolate in your diet

By Nitisha Nagpal

Well there’s hardly a person we come across who doesn’t prefer indulging on chocolates every now and then. It is scientifically proven that dark chocolate is an excellent source of nutrients and is full of antioxidants.

Someone who has a rich taste in chocolate definitely enjoys a piece or few of dark chocolate. Well we for sure know that we make the right choice when fitness freak Deepika Padukone also told in an interview that she enjoys a piece of dark chocolate at the end of day and calls it the best part of her day.

A bar with atleast 70 percent cacao or more is packed with more health benefits than a glass of wine or a cup of green tea suggests a recent survey, making it a superior option to milk and brown chocolate which are high in added preservertives and unhealthy fats.

Listening to all these benefits, one can have a drooling mouth easily but the key is to maintain balance. Also, we are in the chilly weathers of Delhi making it a perfect time for a little cup of hot chocolate.

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