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10 Famous Personalities In India Who Are Away From The World Of Social Networking Sites.

In the modern day and age when social networking sites are the new buzz, there are some renowned personalities in India who have their own reasons for not preferring to be available on Facebook and Twitter.

At a time when almost the entire world is connected through social networking sites, these celebrities from different forms of life are the exception to it. Social Platforms have its own benefits and disadvantages. It can make a hero out of you overnight. But It can also draw unwanted criticism on the other hand. We have ample examples of people who were subjected to social media outrage. Be it, Gurmehar Kaur,  others. They all became the overnight sensation because of the Internet. Heroes or Villains? We leave it to the readers to decide.

Maybe these celebrities concentrate more on the negative aspects of these social networking sites. We can only guess.

Here is the list. It has some surprises for you…                                                             

  1. Sonia Gandhi- The first name on the list is the President of Indian National Congress, the oldest political party in India. Though she is one of the most powerful politicians in India, her direct interaction with the public is very less apart from the public meetings she addresses during the elections. Her name was no surprise on the list.


  1. Ranbir Kapoor- But this came as a surprise to me as well. Ranbir Kapoor has a casanova image in Bollywood and he loves to be surrounded by his fans. But maybe just to avoid unwanted controversies and limelight, he is not available on social platforms. He once also said that he prefers to keep things private.



  1. Mayawati- Here is another politician who is different from others. She doesn’t attend roadshows. She is an old school kind of a politician. Her name is also not a surprise.


  1. Arnab Goswami- This list is a mixture of surprises and easy guesses. And the former editor in chief of Times Now is certainly a surprise. You can love him, you can hate him, but you can’t ignore him. I personally couldn’t believe that Arnab is not available on any social platform as he is the centre of all discussions and butt of all jokes.



  1. Kangna Ranaut- It was an easy guess. Going by how Kangna manages herself, it was easy to understand why she shies away from social platforms. She doesn’t attend award shows. She doesn’t attend Bollywood parties. She has her own world and her own unique style of living her life.


  1. Katrina Kaif- Another Bollywood beauty who is not available on social platforms is Katrina Kaif. Katrina and Kangna are two different personalities but both are common in this aspect of their lives, Avoid Social Media! Unlike Kangna who is an opinionated woman, Katrina is reserved and loves to avoid falling into controversies.



  1. Priyanka Gandhi- Who doesn’t know her. The daughter of the first family of this country. Though her family is always in the headlines, she prefers a low profile lifestyle. She is seen in election rallies restricted to Amethi and Raibarelly. Though there have been demands of bringing her up into the mainstream politics, she didn’t succumb to the pressure. She is still away from the hoch-poch of Indian politics.


  1. Mukesh Ambani- The richest man in the country, who has transformed the world of internet by introducing Jio is not available on social platforms. Isn’t it Surprising?



  1. Sunil Gavaskar- The former batting maestro is also not there on social media. The little master is very vocal about his opinions and loves public interactions. Thus his name also came as a surprise. A man who is respected so widely by the cricket lovers is not there on FB and Twitter to interact with people.


  1. Deepa Karmakar- I had some other choices from Bollywood but I opted to include her name. India’s first ever Gymnast to compete in Olympics. How can I drop her name for some mediocre Bollywood star? Deepa has brought India fame and respect from different corners of the world. She was awarded Padmashree recently. She loves to keep a low profile. Thus no social media interactions.


 So, How many times did you search for these personalities on social networking platforms?

By Abhishek Dey.

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