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Anup & Jasleen’s Night Dating Party In Bigg Boss House Is Eye Catchy

Anup Jasleen Jodi becomes the most discussed topic in everywhere; either in the ‘BiggBoss’ house or on the internet- outside of the show. This Jodi is creating such buzz that makes the entertainment show ‘Bigg Boss” more entertaining. It has been informed by a special source that this Anup-Jasleen Jodi has been presented in this house in order to draw the kind attention and interest of elder generation towards this show. Their Jodi is very sporting; from household work to any task they have been seeing to perform always as an active participant. Meanwhile, we can see a rise of little arguments in this Bigg Boss house between this guru Anup Jalota and his disciple cum beloved Jasleen regarding a task. Undoubtedly, such a situation just added fuel to everyone’s excitement. Ultimately, it acquires tranquillity for god sake and Big Boss also arranges a dating party for this Jodi.

Bigg Boss 12 has picked momentum and is being loved by viewers now. The show, now, in its third week has picked up the pace and is making headlines for its controversial content. One Jodi that has created quite a lot of ripples both inside and outside the house, is of Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu. The couple, who is dating in real life, has made headlines for their relationship owing to their huge age difference. While Anup is 65 years old, Jasleen is 28. To add more oomph to their romance, Bigg Boss played the perfect mediator and organized for a beautiful and romantic date night. In a video that has gone viral, the two can be seen all decked up for their date. While Jasleen is seen wearing a beautiful gown, Anup is seen in his suit boot avatar. The two then can be seen indulging in a romantic banter. Anup and Jasleen also further danced to a romantic number and hugged each other. The couple spent romantic moments together on the show. Anup even went down on his knees and proposed to Jasleen yet again with a rose.


We come to know that it is not the first time for normal people who become aware of their Jodi, but Jasleen’s friend family circle also become aware until and unless This ‘Bigg Boss’ show has exposed anything. We have been dating each other for the last three and a half years. We usually don’t get time to spend time with each other in the outside world because of our busy schedule, but now with the help of Bigg Boss, we will get to do so. Also, we will get to know if we can stay together forever,” revealed Jasleen.


The judiciary accounts for maintaining sovereignty and secularism in the nation and thus uprooting the prevailing social evils is the fundamental responsibility, but a Judge in Patna has displayed disturbing approach towards his daughter’s relationship with an Advocate.

Subhash Chandra Chaurasia found out that Yashaswini, a law graduate from CNLU was in a relationship with Siddharth Bansal, who is a Supreme Court advocate and the events that followed have questioned the society of its barbaric and contracted thought process regarding such issues.

The girl was thrashed and her parents made two calls to Bansal from Yashaswini’s cellphone in which he could hear her crying and getting thrashed. Bansal, along with his senior colleague, visited Khagaria last month and met her father, who told him to become either a civil servant or a judge to be eligible for marrying Yashaswini.

The Patna high court on Saturday took suo motu cognizance of the report published in online portal ‘Bar & Bench’ on June 22. The case is listed for hearing by the division bench of Chief Justice Rajendra Menon and Justice Rajeev Ranjan Prasad on Monday.

For sake of children: Hrithik Roshan to marry again


There is speculation that Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan Roshan are going to marry again. It is being said that Hrithik and Sussanne Khan want to become one again once for their children.

According to sources, Hrithik-Sussanne’s divorces have a bad effect on his children. Both sons, Hridhaan and Hrehaan’s nature have changed.

The sources quote a close friend of the couple as saying, “Hrithik and Sussanne are working it out. They identified the stress areas in their relationship and are doing their best to work their way around them. Give them time — they will come together again.”


Because of the divorces between mom papa, Hridhaan and Hrehaan started to remain quite upset. Both children hesitate to meet with people. The effect of their differences is going to come in Hridhaan and Hrehaan’s studies. Children are sad when their mother separates Papa.


It is being said that due to this reason Susan and other people are falling on Hrithik, the pressure to get married again and it may be too soon to get married once again to settle again.

So guys, if you agree with Hrithik’s decision then do share your views on the same in below comment box.

This is why People cheat according to a Survey on Cheaters

It’s not always a sign of a problem in the relationship.

Most of us go through a phase in our life where we are cheated on, So your first question was probably: why? Likewise, if you’ve been the one who’s stepped out on the relationship, your partner probably asked, or wondered, the same.

New research sheds light on the motivations behind cheating. Published in The Journal of Sex Research, researchers asked 495 young adults about their cheating past via an internet-based questionnaire.

Image result for This Is Why People Cheat, According to Nearly 500 Cheaters

For the most part, the responses confirmed that: People cheat because they’re dissatisfied with the relationships, feel neglected, are angry, or are attracted to someone else. But the questionnaire did reveal other reasons, too. Here’s what some people admitted:

“I had ‘fallen out of love with’ my…partner.”

“I was not very committed.”

“I wanted to enhance my popularity.”

“I wanted a greater variety of sexual partners.”

“I was drunk and not thinking clearly.”

Why does this matter? Well, it means that cheating is more than just about the love between a couple. It might be more about how the cheater is feeling about themselves or what type of not-so-good situation they got themselves into.

“It would be a mistake to conclude that all affairs and infidelity-related behaviours similarly result from deficits in the primary relationship,” the study authors write.

So what other factors make a difference? People who were less conscientious were more likely to cheat, as were people who had “insecure attachment.” Feeling insecure in a relationship is a recipe for unhappiness, and feeling less satisfied or committed pushes you to seek reassurance elsewhere. What’s more, people who avoid closeness are likely to step out for the sake of giving their self-esteem a boost.

The researchers also found that all the typical reasons you hear about why men and women are likely to cheat are true. Men are in it for the sexual desire. Women step out because they feel their needs haven’t been met in the relationship.

If you’ve been cheated on, you’re probably replaying what went wrong in your relationship over and over in your head. Talk to your partner. It’s the only way to understand if there’s a hole in the relationship worth repairing—or not. It’s a hard conversation, sure, but it’s one that needs to happen.

If you have any experience like the same then do share your feelings in the below comment section and mention what have you did after such a terrible experience.

Internet can’t handle what’s brewing between Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan

We all have heard rumours of Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan dating and many sources believe it too. But now, their pictures from New York City, where we can see them smoking and enjoying each other’s company have got fans and the media buzzing.

Both the stars were dressed casually, Mahira looked adorable in her backless white chick summer dress, while Ranbir donned another level of casual, sporting the look for Rajkumar Hirani’s biopic on Sanjay Dutt.

The eagle eye sighted viewers also claim that the mark on her bare back is actually a love bite. Well only they know what it is, while the internet keeps guessing.

Earlier a video of the two went viral having an intense conversation which sparked off romance rumours between them. But later Mahira put all the rumours to an end by saying that they were just catching up and discussing work. It later came to the light that they were introduced by common friends in the film industry.

Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan backstage at the Global Teacher Prize ceremony – 3 #RanbirKapoor #Ranbir #MahiraKhan #GlobalTeacherPrizeEvent

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Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan backstage at the Global Teacher Prize Ceremony – 2 #RanbirKapoor #Ranbir #MahiraKhan #GlobalTeacherPrizeCeremony

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Watch: P V Sindhu’s Teacher’s Day Video Gives a Glimpse of Her Love-Hate Relationship With Her Coach!

On Teacher’s Day 2017, the Rio Olympic Silver medalist PV Sindhu has come up with her own unique way to pay gratitude to her coach and mentor Pullela Gopichand. The Indian badminton star has unveiled an ad spot which has been co-produced by her especially on Teacher’s Day to shed light on how motivating her coach has been ever since their successful partnership started right from the early days. Sindhu has won an Olympic medal and three World Championships medals under Gopichand

In the video ‘I Hate My Teacher feat P V Sindhu’, she reveals how she hated her coach for giving her scars, shouting at her, pushing her hard and never giving up. But she also thanks him for believing in her and to mould her into a world beater in badminton.

Sindhu could not help but feel indebted to coach for his relentless pursuit of excellence. Turning a producer for the Gatorade digital film was a heartfelt gesture that she made for her coach. And the video is an ode to Gopichand for his motivation, guidance and efforts.

Through the video I Hate My Teacher, the brand ambassador of Gatorade, Sindhu portrayed the love-hate relationship between any student and the mentor. The video also gives us a glimpse of Sindhu’s journey and her equation with Gopichand.

In an interview P V Sindhu said, “This Teacher’s Day, I dedicate all my success to him and urge everyone else to also honour the driving force in their lives. Let’s hate our teachers for pushing us further and believing in us more than we believe in ourselves.”

In fact, Pullela Gopichand is also very proud of the Indian badminton poster girl Sindhu and believes that considering Sindhu is only 22,year-old, she will have a lot of gold medals by the time she retires.

Sceptical about boyfriend cheating her; Woman asked on Quora and people are dubious

A woman has turned to the internet for help after her boyfriend allegedly claimed he “accidentally” slept with her roommate.

She asked users on the website Quora:

“My boyfriend claims he accidentally penetrated my roommate while sleeping, thinking it was me. How can I know if he’s telling the truth?”

She claims her friend was asleep on her bed when it happened, for reasons she doesn’t know – and said the two of them do “look identical” and her boyfriend was a bit drunk.

She added that her boyfriend often penetrates her while she’s sleeping, but that it’s “an agreed-upon thing”, and that she and her friend are of an identical height, weight and hair type.

The boyfriend allegedly said he realised something was wrong three or four minutes in, “jumped off, said sorry and walked out”.

Naturally, such a worrying story has divided the internet.

Some users say he’s lying, with one commenting:

You don’t accidentally penetrate someone. Sleeping or not.

Another added:

Honey, there is no bloody way your beau unintentionally penetrated your roommate It is impossible. There are steps to this. In order for a young lady to be penetrated, she must be lubricated if not it will hurt.

And another:

I really don’t get what your boyfriend means by ‘accidental’ here, not to mention both parties will have to have their pants removed for the encounter to happen.

One user says it could have been “sexsomnia,” which is where a person’s conscious brain is disengaged, like sleepwalking, and they engage in sexual acts.

But, she writes:

Sexsomnia is rare, and engaging in full intercourse without waking is even more unusual.

Claiming that you were asleep is obviously a very convenient excuse if you are accused of assault or cheating, so I would be sceptical of your boyfriend’s claim.

One user put it this way:

What was the roommate’s reaction? There can be two possibilities:

She’s calm like she had consented the act.
She is devastated because she was just raped.
You don’t wanna be with either one of these guys. Accident? I don’t think so, Mr Shady.

Plus you can tell if a girl if your girlfriend or not by touching her, after being with her for many weeks or months or years. And if he did forget your touch, he’s not someone you should have by your side.

Other users advised the woman to get away from her boyfriend as fast as possible.

Here’s Our Guide To Date Someone Who Haven’t Been In A Relationship Before

Pursuing someone is the easy part, but maintaining the relationship requires conscious effort and some hard work. To the folks who have been in a few relationships here and there, you probably have a good idea of what you’re looking for. You have expectations, boundaries, and an idea of what matters to you, I get it. I’ve been in a few relationships, and although each one failed for different reasons, each one was a lesson. Now I’m faced with a different challenge: being someone who says they don’t know how to be in a relationship. So how do you navigate through a situation where you’re with someone that doesn’t know what being in a committed relationship is like? It’s one thing to date, but it’s a whole different ball game when you’re actually in a committed relationship. Furthermore, defining what is considered a committed relationship is fluid. When first entering a new relationship, it’s important to unpack what the dynamics look like.

This concept is easier said than done. The way you communicate with your partner creates the foundation for how you two will navigate through the difficult times in the relationship. If you are an open book, but they’re more reserved, acknowledge that. Recognize the reasoning behind that. The relationship you have with someone should be designed to make them a better person, not completely change who they are; some get these two statements mixed up. Even the way you communicate can have an impact on the dynamic between you two. If you love talking on the phone, but they prefer to text or chat on Facebook messenger, then figure how you two can find a healthy middle; if relationships were easy, no one would be single.

If you see value in the relationship you have with the person, then things will take time. For folks who have been in many relationships, they might be more open to letting their guard down, but for folks where this is a new concept, they’re still adjusting. Give them time to figure out this transition from being single to in relationship, and even more, from experiencing a little fling relationship to experiencing a serious and committed relationship. Many things adjust when it comes to relationships, so if you’re the type of person that has their life revolve around their relationship, while your partner is the type of person that has their relationship compliment their life instead, then it’s important to understand there may be some boundaries that come with that. You two have nothing but time, so take advantage of that, and stop expecting your partner to get where you are in the relationship overnight. I know what I WANT from my current relationship, but what’s more important is what WE NEED from it.

This little 4-letter word has some weight to it. First and foremost, don’t say you love your partner unless you actually mean it. Secondly, love is measured and defined differently, so be understanding if you and your partner are not on the same wavelength; there’s a chance you’re feeling something strong for your partner and they may not be able to reciprocate that. Also, if you find difficulty in saying it, then show it. If you’re dating a person that has never felt love and/or has never been in love, don’t rush them. Trust that when the time is right, they’ll be able to express how they deeply feel about you. Until then, like I’m doing right now, take the time you have with them to show them how important they are to you. Bring the same value to their life, as they bring value to yours.

5 Things You Will Learn While Dating An Independent Woman

What’s common in Chitra Ramkrishna, Chanda Kochhar, Vinita Bali, Shikha Sharma and Nishi Vasudeva? Think hard. Okay, they’re fierce, vicious and maverick in their field. They are independent and had achieved a point in their life. They didn’t confine themselves within the four walls of the house or follow predefined rules of the society. They broke open the door which was restricting them and now, the world knows them.

In the present time, ‘independent woman’ is a word that is being considered as taboo in most of the Indian parts. From the beginning, a mind is set; a girl would be taking care of the house. Why not the other way round? Why not a male would take care of the house?

Even the TV serials and movies have generalised the ages old theory. And if a woman is shown working, then she would be earning less than her husband. Why is it that we find entertainment in a woman bringing less to the table than her man?

The independent woman is the ultimate #goals, and dating an independent woman is the ultimate #relationshipgoals. Dating an independent woman is like dating an equal partner, rather than dating a girl who is just a piece of arm candy. Here’s what you will find while dating an independent woman.

1. They work hard:

Independent woman works hard to achieve what they want. This, in turn, inculcates a feeling of being practical, strong and supportive in their work ethics. This strong work ethics not only means that they will bring more bacon in the house, this will also resonate in the relationship of the two.

2. They have a clear vision.

The best thing of being an independent woman is a clear mindset towards their goal. They know what they want to achieve in their life and they will get it. With clarity in their mind, they know their path to attaining it. When you date an independent woman, they not only will help you guide through your objectives and ambition, they also will help you in achieving your goals and will encourage you to work hard it.

3. They will challenge you:

Doing the same thing over and over again will make your relationship boring and stagnant to such an extent that you would feel trapped and suffocating. While looking for an ideal partner, you would want someone who would excite you and challenge you (If it doesn’t hurt your male ego) and would bring out the better person in you. While dating an independent woman, they will challenge you to become a stronger, harder and live life to the fullest.

4. They aren’t needy:

What irritates most of the man in a relationship is the constant nudge from your partner. This, however, is a sign of your love towards your partner, but he may not like that text message cropping up again-and-again. Yes, he had taken his lunch. So stop asking him every minute. Well, this would not be the case if you are dating an independent woman. She knows how to stand alone. Of course, she loves you, but she won’t be showing you in this way. They have many other ways to show you the love. They can take their decision for herself and can take care of their business without your help.

5. They get things for themselves:

One big thing which independent woman don’t like is buying them the gifts. They will politely reject it will ask you not to buy them such expensive gifts to them. The independent woman can buy the expensive stuff for themselves. For them, the quantity of the gift doesn’t matter, but the quality does. Sure, it’s a nice idea to buy them a beautiful anniversary gift, but the gift should be something which is sentimental instead of buying them a Diamond necklace. They have the clear mantra; Save the money, spoil us with loyalty.

By: Ananya Pandit

10 People Confession As How They Fall Apart From Their Significant Others Will Melt Your Heart

Love can be complicated and love can be messy. While we all want to find our “happily ever afters,” it’s true that sometimes in love, nothing lasts forever. The moment you realise that you no longer love the person you are with can be hard, but, when you feel it – it’s something you can’t deny.


1. Finneringasvar

Abusive. He used to get upset about little things and say “maybe I would be better off alone” One day he said it and I didn’t feel the need to convince him otherwise.

2. daveed2001

She had a very hard time keeping other guy’s penises out of her.

3. N3MO_

When everything involving her became a “have” instead of a “want”. Like I used to WANT to make room in my schedule for her, hang out with her, text her back, etc. Eventually it just felt like a requirement to do all of those things since we were in a relationship

4. hippehpanda

My mother was in the hospital, in a coma, the next day we were going to pull the plug on life support. My best friend from work, who my mother had taken under her wing and who was very close to her, came to say her goodbyes with me at the hospital because I wasn’t brave enough to do it alone. We stood there holding each other hands with one hand and my mother’s with the other weeping. Then we went back to my apartment, put my 1 1/2 year old son to bed and ordered my husband a pizza for dinner because I couldn’t bring myself to cook. And we sat out back and we smoked and cried and hugged. When my then husband came home he was cold and curt with my friend until she left and when we got back inside, me still a sniffling ball of mourning he proceeded to yell at me a berate me for not having her gone before he got home because “you know she doesn’t like me why would I want her in my house” he yelled so loud and so long my son woke up. Then when I got the baby back to sleep and I was laying in bed crying he came in and said “do you want me to go down on you, I know it helps you sleep” That was the moment I realized I didn’t love him anymore, and that he didn’t love me either. It took about a year and a half for us to finally split for good, but our marriage had been garbage for its duration. Been two years since the break up and I’ve never once thought I made the wrong choice.

5. Crownowa

I either didn’t want to be intimate with them, or felt like it was a chore.

6. erinwhoooo

Suddenly I didn’t miss them anymore. Suddenly, I didn’t care. I wanted to be with other people, I started getting anxious at the thought that I was living with a person I wasn’t crazy about. The plans of having a life together gave me chills and disgust. I wasn’t happy anymore and I was disgusted by them. Fun times.

7. Azzizzi

When she started finding fault in everything I did no matter how insignificant it was.

8. notwherethewindblows

I thought about him and I felt nothing. No happiness, no hurt, no anger, no nostalgia, no butterflies, no anxiety. Just… nothing. I realized in that moment that if he showed up in front of me, I’d turn around and walk away all over again.

9. tofu29

I was able to look past his faults for most the relationship cause I knew I had my own. Then came a moment where I could not forgive him and knew I no longer loved him. He got angry at me because the dealership I worked at had to adjust his seat when his car was in for a recall. He couldn’t get it back to where he liked it and screamed at me about how it was my fault. The irony of it was he is also a technician and would bitch about customers that act the way he was acting. It took me a week to end things from that night but that night was my wake up call. He was my longest relationship (2 years) and first guy I lived with yet it was the easiest one to leave. I have yet to cry and it’s been 2 months now. I think the falling out of love was gradual I didn’t notice it at first, until that night.

10. Nyxelestia

Less “falling out of love” and more “realizing I was never in love in the first place”, but basically a phone conversation where all my expressions of affection were spoken purely because I didn’t want to hurt my boyfriend’s feelings, not because I actually felt them.