PM vacation after 18 years: Shared his personal life with Bear Grylls

Man vs wild
PM vacation after 18 years: Shared his personal life with Bear Grylls

Man vs wild featuring PM Modi the show which was telecasted at 9 pm yesterday has becoming trending on social media. Trolls and memes are getting viral on social media, many are tweeting to express their views on it.

On this show, PM is seen and has tweeted it was filmed throwing light on environmental conservation and climatic change. Modi has not lost his chance to discuss his personal life and love for the mother nature. PM took a ride at the cold river in a makeshift boat and shared about the topics close to his heart “conservation and cleanliness”. PM said the “position as a prime minister does not go into my head” his main aim is the development of the country and serving the nation. He claims there no such thing as nervousness to him in his political carrier. He has a positive temperament and says “I am very optimistic and finds goodness around everything”.

After his appearance, some people praised the prime minister for his “integrity” – he discussed a range of topics from his political and personal life, to his love for nature. But other users shared memes and tweets mocking Mr. Modi’s words. “My problem is that I have never experienced such fears,” PM Modi said when asked about “nervousness”.

He shared about his life in the Himalayas with the sages where he awakened his soul, he has not been on vacation for 18 years and this is considered as a vacation to him. Discussing the conservation, he said we are exploiting are mother nature for our own comfort and are not thinking about our future generation. PM quotes “In order to make India clean we need to think about social hygiene and if do not stop exploiting our future generation would have to suffer for ou deeds.

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