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No Fear No Favour


By Kavya Madaan

Senior citizens are the building blocks of our society. They have been a constant support and have helped to bring the country and society into existence .

But now we can say there is no difference between adults and senior citizens as the same problems are faced by the youth like back problems, eyesight problems, body pains etc.. we see that they are still more confident and smart in their own bodies and do not consider themselves old. These old people still do not get tired easily and can be seen in parks when they are doing walking, doing yoga and many friend circles of old people can be seen, Chilling! They even have whatsapp groups now so that they can communicate with each other. They want to walk up with the today’s world and want to be a part of the digital life.

Walking up with today’s generation, they are seen in clubs as well , they are seen in stadiums, in parks where they are enjoying!

These people do not consider themselves old till its the time to get a seat in the metro that is reserved or they see anyone sitting 😆 Many old people aur found to be active on many dating sites as well who are single 🤪 They are also in a need of partner because our heart is always a child. Many senior citizens like the film actress and actors Amitabh Bachhan, Hema Malini , Rekha are considered as senior citizens, but from which look do they look like SENIOR CITIZENS ??

These people still have more glamour and glow on their faces and are superb and talented actors!
No new bollywood celeb can still beat them in their acting and looks.

Many people still have a crush on these Senior citizens🙈 no one knows the secret of their beauty.

They still dance the best, host the best, act the best!!

But after seeing all this we all know we are not complete without the senior citizens.
We need them in every step, they give the best guidance and the blessings are countless.

Our grandparents love us the most and wish the best and for the same We wish them a very Happy World’s senior citizens dayy!! ❤️

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